My Favorite FREE Resources for Writing & Productivity

These are 3 key resources that have boosted my creativity, ability to focus and maximize productivity on a daily basis. 

1. Morning Exercise (+ FREE Video Workouts)

Morning exercise can change the tone for your entire day, even if the routine is only 10 - 15 minutes long. It is a proven way to prep for the day both physically and mentally, such as by: 

  • Boosting metabolism and mood; thank you endorphins.
  • Giving your brain more energy. According to some studies, a morning workout can be even more effective than coffee. 
  • Setting a healthier mindset for the entire day. 

Yoga with Adriene is a great Youtube channel that offers a range of yoga videos. Her routines are easy to follow and great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Several are specific to waking you up in the morning, such as: 

Yoga to Start Your Day

Energizing Morning Yoga Sequence

2. Coffitivity: For Instantly Great Atmosphere

Do you have trouble working in complete silence? I know I do. I need a buzz of people and activity to spark my creativity. If you aren't able to hit a coffee shop for that atmosphere, head to or get the app on your phone. It creates the sound of a coffee shop, so you can get the atmosphere, without the $4 mocha. 

3. Google Docs: To Work Productively & Efficiently

If you're not already intimately involved in Google Docs, get ready for this Google gift to seduce you. Google Docs make it easy to share documents and files with clients, collaborate on projects and, when traveling, access from anywhere on the planet.