5 Questions to Ask a Copywriter Before Hiring Them

You want to hire a copywriter - but aren’t sure how to find the right one.


It’s understandable; the decision to hire a copywriter can feel scary. Perhaps you’ve never hired one before. Or are scarred from a past experience.


 Good news: You can find a copywriter to capture your brand, voice and messaging right.


To start: Ask these 5 questions before hiring a copywriter:


Contemplate: Does the copywriter ask about your business and goals?


A copywriter needs to keep your business, brand and objectives at the core of the work. It’s why they need to be asking about YOUR business.


If the writer only talks about their own samples and background, that’s no bueno. It needs to be about your short and long-term business goals.


Ask: What’s your copywriting process?


It’s okay to ask writers about their process; copywriting doesn’t have to be a mysterious thing behind the scenes.


Ask how they get from Point A to Point B. For example, inquire if they:

  • Have a step-by-step system for getting your copy done?

  • Will do research on the industry or specific subject?

  • Can suggest time frames for delivering the writing?


When you know more about their copywriting process, it takes the fear away. You know what exactly what to expect - and see if it’s a process that jives with you.


Ask: Do you offer copywriting revisions?


Ask copywriters about edits and revisions. When choosing a copywriter, ask:


  • Are revisions included?

  • If so, how many rounds?  


Listen to the copywriter’s tone and wording about revisions; it’s critical for you find a copywriter who is truly, super open to edits and suggestions. You want someone who is happy to tweak and edit to make sure it sounds like you and your brand.


No room for taking offense in copywriting.


Find Out: What’s your experience in copywriting and content writing?


You want a copywriter who will be able to effectively convey your business and nail the CTAs. Experience does help. Someone with business writing background is not simply writing; they are thinking about SEO best practices and why & where to drive traffic.


Ask about their past experience - and what specific projects or pieces will relate to your type of work.


Contemplate: Did I enjoy my conversation with the copywriter?


To be candid, it helps if you like the copywriter as a person. As a real human you would enjoy sipping lattes with. When your personalities click, it’ll make for a better overall experience.


That’s why it’s critical to speak with the potential copywriter on the phone or in-person - not just via email.


To hire a copywriter with confidence, speak with them voice-to-voice.


If you enjoyed the conversation, it says a lot for the project(s) to come. You’ll be happier to get emails from them. You’ll feel more comfortable hopping on the phone with them.


Plus, there’s a greater chance for a long-term relationship. You’re more likely to go back to that person rather than hire random copywriters every time you need help.


Talk to a Copywriter for Hire


Next Step: Look for a copywriter to ask these questions to. A few ideas:


  • Write a Facebook post: “I need a copywriter. Do you know anyone?”

  • Search LinkedIn for copywriters - Local and otherwise

  • Chat with the one who wrote this very post...


Talk to a California copywriter whose words simplify and sell.


P.S. Yes, to be candid, it is the copywriter of the very website you are on.