Why Yoga and Copywriting Are the Same Thing

Yoga and copywriting are essentially identical. Straight up the same.


Sure, one is you lifting a pen. The other is lifting limbs in the air. They look different on the outside.


But, as a copywriter and yoga teacher, I’ve found they are freakishly alike. Here’s how.



Poses are the Words of Yoga

Writing sentences is like creating a yoga class.


Poses make up a yoga sequence. They are chosen to create one intentional experience.

For example, people come to Yin Yoga for a gentle practice, so I select poses to foster relaxation and restoration.


Words create sentences. They are selected to drive a message home.

Let’s say a consumer law firm wants to help people understand their rights. Words are chosen to convey ease and understanding.

There’s an intention for what the reader will learn and feel.


Just like yoga.


Yoga and Copywriting Empower Expression

Yoga lets you express yourself through movement.

Sun salutations empower good morning confidence.

‘Happy baby’ shows childlike playfulness.


Copywriting lets brands express who they are, what they offer and who they serve.

That could be a brand showing confident expertise.

It could be a kid-centric business that’s fun and playful.



When Done Right, Yoga and Copywriting Simplify

Copywriting simplifies big concepts. Concise copy delivers brand value and provokes emotion.  


Yoga does the same. It simplifies big ideas about life and the self. Helps the brain find ease and understanding amongst the madness. Poses teach us something new and often kick up our emotions.


How Copywriting and Yoga Give Relief

Yoga uses breath to calm the mind and relieve anxiety.

It’s the same relief felt when copy speaks to you.


  • “The accountant who saves your small business money”
  • “3 ways yoga teachers can double their income”


Those words speak to specific demographics. The right reader will want to cry, "Thank goodness!"


It's Your Turn. How Do Your Passions Align?

Maybe you’re surprised at how similar copywriting and yoga are.


To be real, so was I.


But that’s the beauty of having multiple passions. We get to see how they align.


I’d love to hear how your passions relate to each other.


  • Are you a real estate agent who plays the harmonica? How do those align?

  • Are you a photographer and amazing enchilada maker? How are those similar?


Share in comments below!


P.S. If you want to deliver copywriting more like a yoga class, get 4 key copywriting tips at How to Write Copy that Sells Like Avocado Toast.

P.P.S. Fun fact: See my Warrior II loving, yogi side at Asana With Allison.

*Photography Credit Goes to Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga in San Diego