How to Brainstorm Blog Ideas Your Customers NEED

Before writing a blog, you must know the topic. For most people, this is half the battle : How do you choose topics to blog about?

Luckily, there are easy techniques for blog brainstorming. Here are 3 strategies for selecting blog subjects that’ll grow your business like Rogaine. 


Review: What Questions Are You Asked the Most?


You get a lot of calls and emails, many with questions. Nail down the most common questions customers have. One or two may come to mind right away.

For example:

  • I don’t think I can afford an accountant. Isn’t that expensive?

    • Blog idea: Why Hiring an Accountant Will Actually SAVE You Money

  • Learning to code would be cool, but I have no previous experience. Could I even do it?

    • Blog Idea: Why Anyone Can Learn to Code Like a Pro


Remember this: For every person who is asking a question, there are many more wondering the same thing. It’s already a subject you know there’s interest around, so it’s perfect for a blog topic.

Not only will this blog serve your customer, it will also minimize your customer service time:

  • People will find the answer on the blog - and no longer need to call or email your business.  

  • When people do call or email, you have this blog to share with them as a resource.


Research Relevant Facebook Groups


Look at Facebook groups where your target audience hangs out. Read through the feed to see what questions they are asking. The struggles they are sharing.

Brainstorm blog topics that offer a solution.



Let’s say you run a CRM platform for technology businesses. Go to Facebook groups and online forums for tech workers. See specific struggles they reference about sales, marketing and client management. Then, write a blog(s) on how your CRM provides relevant solutions.


Reflect: Examine Your Business Goals


Think about where you want your business to be in :


  • One month

  • Three months

  • One year


Short-term goals, like 30 days, are great. But bigger picture is also key.



Perhaps you offer financial planning for young families. However, you want to shift to financial planning for high-worth clients.


Think of blogs that correlate with those goals. Launch blog posts that geared towards that new audience. The more you blog about a topic, the more it’ll come across as YOUR expertise.


Next Step: Write Blogs that Sell to Your Dream Audience


Once you have the blog idea, congratulations - it’s ready to be written.

Plus, you probably have a few other blog ideas to use next.


P.S. Perhaps you don’t have time to write blogs. Or, straight up, writing is not your favorite activity.

Talk to a content writer who blogs for busy businesses.


No commitment. No pressure. Simply tell them what you need - and see if they can help with content writing today.


P.P.S. Why yes, it’s the writer of the website you’re on at this very moment.