How to Write Copy that Sells Like Avocado Toast

You need to write copy that sells like Avocado toast. Here’s why:

Avocado toast is a simple staple that can be sold for $6 or $7.

(That price covers a loaf of bread AND avocados. Plus, most people can make it at home - for free.)

Yet, it’s a very popular purchase.


There are key reasons this food phenomenon sells; reasons you can use in your website copy.

Here’s how to write copy that sells like green fruit on wheat. 


Simple: Keep your copy concise.

When you order avocado toast, you know exactly what you get. Life is complex enough; this level of simplicity is soothing. Therapeutic really.

Write only what you need. Cut the fluff. Get to the point.

Beneficial: Write copy that speaks to needs & wants. 

Avocado Toast speaks to what so many humans love - carbs AND avocado. This dish is a simple way to combine both of them.

Think about your dream customers. At a very basic level, what is it that they love and want?

Take what they desire and put it into clear, simple words.

“Finally, an app that makes accounting easy.”

“A 2 day conference for tech startups in LA”

“Monthly payroll for small businesses on a budget”



Niche: Speak to your dream customer. 

Realistically, not everyone will spend $7 on avocado toast. It has a niche. Potential customers are more likely to be health conscious, have a plant-based diet and/or desire Instagram-worthy food.

Only restaurants and cafes with the right demographics sell avocado toast successfully. 

When you write copy, you must know the target niche. Speak directly to those dream clients. You will not need to hard sell them; they’ll WANT what you have.

Aesthetic: Merge function and visual appeal. 

Yes, avocado toast is delicious and fuel for your body.

But, it’s also pleasing to the eye.

Make sure your copy looks enjoyable. Having 4 really long paragraphs is overwhelming and laborious.

Instead, break up the copy. Use bullet points.

Make it aesthetic, folks.


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Simple. Beneficial. Niche. Aesthetic.

You can use this avocado toast model to make sure your business’ copywriting sells with success.

During the process, why not enjoy a slice of avocado toast?

For inspiration, of course.


P.S. Perhaps it sounds easier said than done.

Or you’re not sure how to speak to your dream client directly.

Or you’re feeling WAY OVER this copywriting process.


That’s where a professional, seasoned (like avocado toast) copywriter can step in and help.

Reach out to your go-to, California copywriter here.