How a Copywriter Captures Your Brand and Industry (Yep, Even Niche Experts)

When it comes to copywriting, business owners often ask me, “How do you figure out how to sound like me & my brand? Especially with all the industry knowledge?”

That’s a fair question. (With simple answers!)

Often, we feel we know ourselves and our industry better than anyone else. That’s probably true! However, that needs to translate into effective copy that helps your target audience (who may NOT be experts) get it.

In fact, a copywriter who is external to you and your business empowers even more effective copy.

To see why, make like a trackpad and scroll down!



How a Copywriter Gets to Know You - as a Human & Brand

Copywriters have honed processes for capturing your unique voice. This is typically through questionnaires, talking voice-to-voice and reading through allllllllll the streams (Instagram, LinkedIn posts…). These strategies let a copywriter get a thorough understanding for you and your brand, such as :

  • The tone (Chic and formal? Casual and conversational?)

  • Wording (Words you use, the ones that don’t sound “quite right”)

Plus, by learning the backstory (personal or otherwise), it provides insight into wording copy just right.

The key is talking voice-to-voice: Chatting in the initial discovery call or meeting.

Once the copywriter has enabled you to hone your goals and voice through pre-copywriting activities (like a questionnaire), talking through you and your brand voice-to-voice gives SO much insight and knowledge to utilize in the copywriting process.


Steps to Make Copy Capture Your Brand & Industry - Verbiage and All

Whether you’re an accountant, law firm, tech company or wedding photographer - your industry has unique verbiage you know inside out.

When you’re industry deep, information can be so second nature that it feels like common knowledge.

This leads to things like :

  • Writing copy with acronyms that your target audience doesn’t understand

  • Referencing terms or situations that you’re dream clients are confused about

  • Sharing content that is in industry speak, so when someone NOT from the industry tries to take it in - they feel confused or uncomfortable.

This is where a strategic copywriter is pivotal, able to convey an authentic brand-voice that’s an industry expert AND still gets the message across.



Here’s an example :

A law firm specializes in consumer law. They help clients fight identity theft.

Identity theft means something different to everyone. The average person may not even realize exactly what it means. If the copy doesn't break down what identity theft is precisely, in conversational terms - someone may be unsure if this law firm is the right person to call.

And, well, not call them.

There are examples in every industry.

  • An accountant says they set up corporate entities; what if someone new to business doesn’t know what that means or why there are benefits?

  • A wedding planner advises brides to do a first look. What if they don’t know what that means? (It’s exactly what led to the blog for this fab wedding photographer : Why 99% of My Couples Do a First Look)

Okay, so how does the ye ole wordsmith do this? A copywriter :

  • Does a TON of research, so they can capture that niche area and even target areas (such as cities) of focus. 

  • Gets a deep understanding through the Discovery process, which includes stopping the business owner in verbal discussions and asking important questions. This lets the copywriter get key information and work it into copy that the business owner he or she may not have. Making it even MORE authentic.

It’s how they create copy that sells like avocado toast.


Copywriters Naturally Hone Your Brand + Packages (for More Sales!)

In our own business, it's easy to get tunnel vision. When an expert steps in, they can see the gaps that are present in the tone and details that should be addressed.

They ask questions that (often) turn unearthed patterns into packages and ideas that serve your clients better AND get you more sales. 


What to Do When You Find the Right Copywriter

You realize a copywriter CAN capture your voice.


Now, it’s time to find the right one. Here are 5 Questions to ask a copywriter BEFORE you hire them.