How Does Hiring a Copywriter Work? (The Process)

One of the most common questions I get is : How does hiring a copywriter work?

You know you need revamped copy, but aren’t sure what happens when you hire a copywriter. And maybe it feels silly to ask.

Let’s make like Scooby Doo and debunk the mystery.  


The Process for Hiring a Copywriter





Step 1: Copywriter Asks Key Questions

Typically (at least with my process!) - we start with basic questions.

A copywriter asks overview questions to learn more about you and your business. This is usually via email, a questionnaire or phone call.

The copywriter will determine if could be a good fit based on their skills and your needs - and make recommendations accordingly.


Step 2: Copywriter Makes Recommendations

After the initial discovery, the copywriter will share their recommendations.

A copywriter sees the big picture when it comes to language strategy. Maybe you seek a Homepage, but a copywriter has different feedback. For example, they say it only needs editing - not a full revamp. Or they recommend a FAQ and new Services page to answer dream clients’ questions.

Side note: Often, just one one-off copywriting isn’t the best overall solution. Larger-scale copy efforts maximize ROI and create an overall stronger brand.

They may also be frank that they aren’t the best fit. It’s important that it’s the right match overall.


Step 3: Copywriter Provides more Details

Okay, the copywriter thinks they can help you. In fact, they know it.  

High five, friend!

They’ve shared their recommendations. You’re feeling it. Now, the copywriter suggests the next steps. They will :

  • Share their specific process
    • (i.e. We will sign contracts, then start work in 2  weeks. Here are the next steps…)
  • Offer a timeline
  • Invite you to ask any and all questions, of course!

You decide whether to accept. Inquiring doesn’t tie you to a project.

And, usually, you don’t have to take that offer up immediately. Maybe you launch forward in a month or few!



Step 4: Discovery to Capture the Brand and Voice

Once a timeline and deliverables are agreed upon, a contract is signed. Then, the first step is discovery - the process to learn about you and your brand.

This not only gives them the basic details - but lets them capture your authentic tone and vibes.

Because perhaps you’re wondering HOW they will sound like you and your brand. After all, you know your brand and its story best. That is true.

This is why hiring a copywriter is so impactful. Often, when too close to a project, it can be trickier to see the overall picture.

We copywriters have honed processes that let us understand you and your why - so the copy sounds like YOU, not us. Through:

  • Brand discovery questionnaires and/or worksheets
    • Including gaining information on your desired goals, brands of inspiration and so forth.
  • Brand & Language Discovery Meeting  
    • Talking voice to voice is the most POWERFUL tool. Hearing your passion. The way you describe your brand. It helps generate natural questions and get authentic insight into your brand.

This information lets a copywriter be able to hear current voice - known desired voice - and create copy that captures it.


Step 5: You Give Feedback on Work; Copywriter Revises

Often, clients ask me, “Will it be okay if I have comments after I see the first draft?”

Of course!

This is your copy; we (most of us copywriters, anyhow!) want to make sure it fulfills your hopes and dreams.  

Maybe not your dream of living on a corgi farm in New Zealand with your celebrity crush - but business branding goals, yes.

You read the copy and share thoughts and feedback. You most definitely do get to have word on how it sounds - after all, it’s your work!



Step 6: Dance & Have a Hoopla : You Own the Words!  

Upon approval, dance and shout. Throw up virtual confetti.

The copy is yours to own, love and hold forever - like a favorite teddy bear.


Remember - At the Start, Ask Copywriter Important Questions

Now you know the process for hiring a professional copywriter.

(To confirm : This is based on my process and some of the experienced copy connoisseurs I know & respect with all 4 chambers of my heart. This is not necessarily the processes for ALL pro copywriters.)

With whoever you hire, you can find out their process. Simply ask.

In fact, when you’re ready to launch forward - make sure to ask a copywriter these 5 questions before you hire them.

(Credit for All Images Goes to Source : Bloguettes