How to Make Your Website Convert Better ASAP

Make Your Site Generate More Leads

When you created your website, how intentionally did you make and structure each page?  

In Field of Dreams, it’s declared, “If you build it, they will come.”

Let’s say they do come.

(As a small business owner, this is through your relationship building and content marketing.)

They arrive at your site.

Then what?

They can want and NEED your services...yet still click away.

It means you must evaluate your website architecture, which MUST be set up with user flow in mind.

What Is Website Architecture?

Website architecture is the art and science of outlining and organizing a website.

What Is User Flow?

User flow is a map of how someone will click to and through your website. You create a map of user paths, the flows that take a site visitor from Point A to your goal, Point B.

Generate Sales with the Right Website Architecture & User Flow

These terms may sound a bit salesy or marketing funnel-esque.

Here’s the thing.

In your business, you MUST care about these words because sales matter.

When website architecture is done right, it leads users to the info they need and results you want.

A baseball fan comes to the Field of Dreams.

A fan craves the crunch of Cracker Jacks. If it's not easy to find, they won't hunt too long.

It’s why stadiums have lots of food stands and people going up and down the steps waving their snacks like a palm tree in a monsoon.

To make people click, next steps must feel intuitive and be SUPER obvious.

To buy the cracker jacks (for your leads, maybe it's an ebook, free consult…), it must be easier than saying yes to chocolate cake after a long day's work. 

How to Structure a Website that Converts

The first step is to deep dig into your brand and its goals.

You must establish objectives for your:

  1. Brand

  2. Website

  3. Each Customer + Service

Let’s say your 6 month plan is to shift away from e-courses and become an in-person speaker; do not have the site centered around e-courses.

Your site structure needs to reflect the services you WANT to provide & show HOW people sign up.

Create a User Flow that Drives Conversions

Let’s say you’re a business coach who provides 3 month brand coaching packages. That’s great. High five and hells yes.

Listing the package online is not enough. 

Exhibit A: This path made it easy to navigate small town Germany. 

Exhibit A: This path made it easy to navigate small town Germany. 

You must guide the user, step-by-step. 


What is the least amount of clicks to get them from Point A (landing on site) to Point B (the step you want them to take)?

First, decide Point B.

Is it a free business evaluation?

Deposit on their first consultation?

Then, create the path. Plan accordingly.


3 Best Tips to Create a Website Flow that Works

Time to get Dear Amy-status and share advice.

  1. Decide your business goals for the next 6 months, 1 year and (although it may change, of course) 5 years. Get very specific on the type of service you want to gain most income through.

  2. Be clear on your ideal client. The website must match your ideal client, how they think and problems they currently have.

  3. Create a Home Page that guides potential leads with intention. Make it easy for them to click to the next step.

    For a given service, create a landing page with purpose. Show the immense value a package offers and EXACTLY how they sign up for it. (NO “Give me a call to chat further!”...with no phone number of link to your Contact Page. MAKE IT EASY!)

How to Write Words that Guide Your Site Visitor

The right website structure and workflow is the start. Then, it must be clinched with the rights words to drive the user experience.

Having trouble honing website structure and words to match?

Save your mind the hassle; have a pro review your website.