How to Write Better Emails (+ Actually GET the Right Responses!)

How to Write Great Emails for Business ASAP

You send an email. Then, you feel super salty when:

A. They do NOT reply.


B. You open their reply and want to pound your face into the table. The collaborator or client:

  • Did not give the ideal response.

  • Did not answer important questions or details you asked for.

Good news: In this blog, you learn how to write better business emails that help get the RIGHT response.


Write Better Emails with the Skim Mindset

This is a world of skim. Skimming books, skim lattes, the Daily Skimm

The world has a skim mindset. Your emails have to match.

Emails must be more strategic and clear than EVER before. They must be written right to get the response you want.

(This isn’t manipulative. For clients, this usually serves them best. When you have what you need...they get what they paid for.)

How to Write Better Email Subject Lines

The subject line makes or breaks someone’s decision to open an inbox item and when. 

I’m not even talkin’ cold email or marketing message to your email list; I mean a client who is already paying you and has a busy schedule.

The email subject line:

  • Is crystal clear. Not “About the meeting”.

    “Confirm Meeting Wed @ 9am, Still Work for You?” They know the necessary response immediately.

  • Must convey urgency, if needed.

    The recipient has a lot on their plate already. It isn’t bossy or demanding to write an urgent subject line. It HELPS the other person by catching their attention. (If they must pay a final invoice to receive final work, you need to remind them about the invoice.)

In short, they get key information from the subject line alone.

How to Format Emails

Our human brains can only take in so much text.

It’s why I hit the Return key 2x just now.

Make emails easy on the eye.

  • Take a paragraph with details and break it down into bullet points...Like this.

  • Bold the most important lines. Bold what you want them to answer. For example:

After reading this blog, please comment below with HOW you'll write your next email differently. 

The Best Email Says What to Do

You write an email and don’t get the ideal response.

Let’s say you’re a graphic designer. You needed approval on the logo - and didn’t get it.

Did you specifically give them a day and time to give approval by?

Did you tell them how to give approval? (Mark the task off in Asana, Comment on Google docs…)


Unless you’re SUPER clear, people don’t act.


Write exactly what you need the recipient to do.

Do NOT make them guess.


Most people don’t know it, but they prefer this. It’s why we love free consultations and Self Development books; we’re given steps that we don’t have to think about.

For real. It’s why I love the Sprint Customer Service Line; they always tell me, “No problem, Allison. Here’s exactly what to do next.”

It’s a freakin’ relief.

End Your Message with a Question

The best way to get a response: Ask a question.

Our brains naturally fill in an answer.

Replace: “I hope to see you Thursday!”

With: “I hope to see you soon; will you be at the event this Thursday night?”

P.S. Add a P.S.

P.S. means Post Scriptum; it’s Latin for “Written After”.

The P.S. is power for writing great email marketing messages.

Why? According to Copyblogger, human brains tend to remember what’s at the very end of a message. The P.S. is more likely to stick in their brain, so use it well. Share a reminder, the idea for your next project, a summary of what you need....

P.P.S. Do You Hate Email Writing More than the Word “Moist”?

You might despise email writing more than the word moist. After all, reports show that 20% of the population is averse to the word.

If you’d rather hike through a cactus garden barefoot than write emails, get emails written for you.