How to Write the Best Lawyer Website

As a lawyer, people THINK they know what you do.

True or false: Most humans:


  • Are intimidated by legal terms and practices.

  • Imagine your life resembles shows like The Good Wife. Movies like Legally Blonde.


(Educated Guess: Both statements have rings of TRUTH.)

Luckily, the rights word will help. Your website copy (words that replace “Lorem Ipsum”) has the power to cut the confusion and clarify:


  • Who you help

  • How you work with someone

  • What they can expect in legal experience


Here are 6 ways to write an attorney website that converts leads to clients.


Write an Attorney Website that’s Conversational


Even if you're comfortable with it, your website is not the place to use legal jargon. It scares and intimidates most potential clients.


Use layman's terms that make people feel comfortable. Once you book them as a client, you will be able to get into the jargon.


Be Clear on Who Your Legal Services Help


As you know, there are many types of law.

Here’s the thing: That may not be common knowledge.

We can’t expect someone to know consumer law from family practice.

Make your website crystal clear on EXACTLY what type of law help you offer, so you only get inquiries from the right type of client.

After all, do you want the lead on a prenuptial agreement - if you only deal with medical malpractice suits?


Take the Mystery Out Of Law with Copywriting


When humans do not understand something, they fear it.

Here’s why: Science and progression of our species.

If we don’t know the dark cave is safe, we shouldn’t go in - right?

For many, hiring a lawyer can feel like descending into a dark cave. They don’t know what to expect. They’re wary.

  • What’s the timeline?

  • How much will it cost?

  • Do they have to pay everything up front or out-of-pocket?

It helps you to share this information up-front and directly.

This information turns on the light in the cave - and shows how beautiful, super amazing it is within. (Aka how helpful it will be when they hire you.) 


Speak to Your Ideal Client’s Emotions


Think of WHY someone comes to you in the first place.

  • Did they just experience a car accident?
  • Are they dealing with divorce?

“The law is reason free from passion”.

Well, Aristotle may have said this. And, albeit, it was much less-established, Ms. Woods who disagreed at the finale of Legally Blonde

For your website, though, I side with Elle. 

You MUST speak to potential client's emotions, such as passion.

The legal help they seek is fueled or founded upon emotion. Whether they’re wronged in an automobile accident and upset about injuries or overwhelmed by the drama of a separation, you are dealing with a human full of emotions.

Speak to those emotions in your writing.

They will feel understood.

And come to you because of it.


Confirm You’re a Human


People want to work with other people.

It’s not you as a big faceless team; it’s you as a lawyer or individual lawyers who they will be calling with and talking with through the process.

Give more personal bios for each lawyer. Let the website visitor get to know ‘em.


Tell People What To Do


Decide how you want a prospective client how to act next.

This process is probably very new to them; help this person by giving guidance.

Do they send an email?

Book a call?

Share what steps to take next.


Ready to Write Law Firm Content that Gets New Clients?


Okay, you’re ready to be a human. Speak to emotion. Give direction.

Keep all this in mind when writing your copy.

Especially the Home Page.

Need help with writing a great law firm home page?

Here’s How to Write a Home Page that Sells Like Hotcakes.


P.S. Still don’t feel confident about website writing? Get help. Hire a Copywriter for Law Firms & Attorneys.