In 3 Minutes, Learn to Write Copy that Sounds Like YOU & YOUR Brand

Talking in casual conversation is one thing. For many, putting words onto paper (or a laptop) is a whole other ballgame. Because:

Writing often stunts us.

Or becomes too formal.

Or, we braindump SO hard - that we write way so much it could overwhelm the reader.

But you feel a bit crazy. Should it be this challenging to write about your own brand & business?

Know this: That feeling is totally normal.

It’s exactly how most of my clients & fellow business cohorts feel.

That’s why I’m sharing tips I use, as a copywriter for service businesses, to write website copy that is authentic - and converts!



Brand Copywriting Tip #1: Record Yourself Talk


Most of us don’t like hearing our own voice. It’s not that your voice isn’t GORGEOUS. (It is.) Tis science:

Your voice - to you - sounds very different than what others hear. (Washington Post)

Wild, but true.

Martin Birchall, professor of laryngology (the study of the voice box) at University College London, explains that we hear our voice from 2 sources - both our own vocal cords and airways. Both vibrate and create a different sound.

When we hear our own voice in a recording, it can often feel surprising and disappointing,” Birchall says. “We get used to the sound we hear in our heads, even though it’s a distorted sound. We build our self-image and vocal self image around what we hear, rather than the reality.”

In short, disliking your own voice is standard. Accept that hurdle (with a big ole smile), then record yourself talk.

Recommendation : Speak with a friend or business colleague about the topic you want to write on.

Then, listen to the recording.

Notice the words, phrases and tone used.

Work those into your copy. 


Brand Copywriting Tip #2: Read the Copy Out loud


Once the copy is written, read it out loud. Yes, whether you’re alone at your home office, working at a Starbucks or at your company’s conference room :

Read the writing out to the universe

(or your cat or coffee mug. Whatever works for you).

Are these sentences you’d say to a real, potential lead? Do you have to take awkward gulps of air due to overly long sentences?

Take note. Adjust accordingly.

(It's exactly what I do as a copywriter in San Diego - typing to Celtic Music & imagining I'm in an Irish castle. Re-reading, adjusting. Re-reading, adjusting.)



Brand Copywriting Tip #3: Round Up Your “Authentic Adjectives”


When it comes to tone, you may be unsure of yours. Perhaps you want to be playful & punny, zen & peaceful or chic & luxurious, but when trying to write in the desired tone, find it inauthentic.

Here’s a simple exercise to find your tone.

Talk to those around you. This could be :

  • Friends & family (for more personal brands)

  • Business colleagues or team members

  • Customers or clients

Ask them to describe you in 3 - 5 words.

“When you think of me and/or my brand, what are the FIRST adjectives that come to mind?”

As you gather descriptors, you’ll quickly see patterns. Use these common threads, plus your ultimate vision to create your tone.

(i.e. If you want to be established as a premium brand, using jungle gym metaphors probably isn’t the way.

Unless you make premium, luxury jungle gyms. Which is pretty darn cool.)


Are You the ONLY One Who Can Genuinely Write Your Copy?


You want copywriting tips but, at the same time, maybe you're not feeling excited to start.

Does it take a long time to write? (Time that could be spent doing what your TRULY love and feel confident doing.)

When done, are you uncertain if the words are impactful enough?

Will they resonate with dream clients and sell your services?

At the same time, who else could know and write about my brand as well as you - the one who’s built it?

This is also super common:

Business owners are so close to their own brand, they’re unsure if someone else could write it authentically. Good news though: It can be done!

Here’s How a Copywriter Captures Your Brand and Industry (Yep, Even Niche Experts).