Why Corgi Butts Are the BEST Writing Inspiration

Corgi derrieres are the best inspiration for daily life AND great copywriting.

This is science: Upon seeing a corgi from behind, your brain releases dopamine. Serotonin. All the happy hormones.

There are even more, super sensical reasons corgi butts inspire copywriting and content writing.

Here they are. 



Surprise and delight.

When you turn a corner and see a corgi derriere pattering along, you feel joy. Happiness.

Your brand’s copy should surprise and delight your target audience just like a corgi butt. Make them go, “Wow, I didn’t realize how much I needed that in my day, but I really do.”


Trim the fluff.

Yes, a fluffy corgi is delightful. However, most are kept nice and trim.

Your copy should be the same way. Only use words you need. Trim the fluff. That metaphorical corgi fur.

*Image credit goes to Rbrn

*Image credit goes to Rbrn


Create anticipation.

When you see a corgi butt, you know what must be on the other end :

Yes, a corgi face.

Instantly, your mind becomes eager.

It anticipates the moment the corgi will turn around and give that sweet corgi smile: The moment all sadness is gone from the world. 

Good copy should deliver such anticipation. 

Imagine this:

  • Your copy's initial hook entices your your reader, just like a corgi butt.
  • Your reader stays excited for what's to come. (Anticipation) 
  • The rest of the copy hits them with something else great. More information. More value.


Create community.

Corgi butts bring people together. 

For example, there are: 

  • Corgi Meet Ups across the globe. 
  • Instagram accounts devoted to Corgi butts.
  • Youtube videos about corgis twerking, such at this one 2.76+ million users have liked. 

Corgi butts foster community.

Your brand's copy can create a tribe, too.

  • Whether you’re an accountant serving small business owners
  • A CRM platform that serves creatives AND brings them together (Like the magnificent Dubsado)

Speak to your target market specifically. It'll draw like-minded individuals and, hey, that organically builds community. 


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At this moment, you are probably stunned. Why are more people not using corgi derrieres for daily inspiration??

It’s a shock, I know.

Maybe you need other types of inspiration though. Don’t worry; I have you covered.

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